Avenir Elite FA

Our Philosophy


Avenir Élite Football Académie is committed to developing boys and girls of all ages and abilities. Like many successful academic institutions, our approach to education and development is influenced by the several fundamental characteristics and guiding principles. Some of these principles include:

Having a shared organizational mission, purpose, and passion

Established standards and expectations for players, coaches, and administrators.

Creating and maintaining a supportive and adaptive learning environment and culture.

Provide quality training and learning facilities

Age appropriate curriculum is used to guide training and development.

Evaluate and appropriately place every player, every year, to maximize development.

Recruit and retain exceptional coaches, trainers, administrators, and volunteers.

Players and coaches shall be frequently monitored and provided feedback.

Insure effective leadership and management over the organization.

Continuous commitment to professional and organizational development.

Create and maintain a culture that encourages family and community involvement.

Our approach to education and development is influenced by fundamental characteristics


In terms of training and playing styles, Avenir Élite Football Académie believes in generally allowing players to constantly be in contact with the ball.

We want the ball to become every youth player’s “best friend” because we believe that that is the only way for them to feel comfortable with the ball and improve their technical abilities.

Our mission is to develop youth players who want to train hard for leisure or to compete at the highest level their personal abilities can take them.

We strive for our players to have:

Outstanding characters

Highly developed competitive instincts

Technical excellence

Very advanced speed of play

Excellent fitness levels

Excellent movement on and off the ball

The ability to defend well individually and in groups

Advanced levels of tactical awareness (good football I.Q)